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A friend of mine suggested the other day I should be imparting my genius photographic techniques and knowledge by the way of individuals who want to be introduced, or have their knowledge and passion for photography to be enhanced.

So what do you think?

Would an intensive or relaxed one day workshop, say in the studio or at a location be up your street, with catering included?

Or perhaps you would prefer one-to-one tuition at home or in the centre of Leeds city?

You might not know the relationship between your aperture and your depth-of-field. What lenses do I need for what type of photography, and is shutter speed something to do with me closing the blinds.

I can offer knowledge and excitement in the world of Photography to the absolute novice, amateur or right up to advanced studio practice.

So any thoughts, what would you like, let me know.




Matt McConville says:

Hi there. I have just bought a new Nikon d7000 and was wondering if you do begginers lessons? Any help would be great. Matt

Hi Matt, yes I have done tutorials before and can easy cover of the basics in around 4 hours or so, are you in OZ?

My son is new to photography, but would like to pursue it at A-level, but needs some one to one tuition to gain some experience for college to give him an offer. I wonder what you would charge for this, and if he would be able to borrow a camera to work with? We live in Leeds 15. Many thanks, Nicola

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